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About us

Do you realize all these years you have just survived through life, every single day ? Did you know, humans laughed before they spoke ? 🤔  We at Witzig, speak laughter. Founded in July 2016, Witzig is a humor based platform pinned under the idea of spreading giggles 🙂

We believe that life is less about stress and our sole vision is to make people
"Laugh NOW! Live NOW!"

About our team

Ankush Thapa
Founder and Chief Executive Joker

Ankush is that 'laughter track' TV shows often play after a funny moment. You may not know the source of the laughter but that track will always make you laugh. Ankush is an IIT graduate from Bombay and the idea that sparked our way to Witzig back in Winters of 2015. Follow links to his social profiles and explore more about this cranky fellow.

Nikhita Banta
Chief Humor Curator and Marketing Officer

Nikhita is responsible for fine tuning the 'laughter track'. She contributes to content, digital marketing and customer engagement. Check out The Witzig Blog or follow links to her social profiles to explore her wit!