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images for Witzig's joke on hahahaha,,WhoWoreItBetter

#hahahaha, guys do you have more such #whoworeitbetter jokes ? lets see who shares the best one ?

You ll first have to beat me 🤘🏿🤘🏿

Five great confusions
Still unresolved 😄😂

1. At a movie theater, which arm
rest is yours ?

2. In the word scent, is 'S' silent
or 'C' ?

3. If people evolve from monkeys,
why are, monkeys still around?

4. Why is there a 'D' in fridge, but
not in refrigerator ?

5. Who knew what time it was when
the first clock was made

If anyone finds out please do not reply #hahaha😂

विभूति जी- तिवारी जी मुझे कुछ नये कपड़े चाहिये..

अंगूरी भाभी- भरभूती जी "अम्मा जान" से मंगवा लीजिये...

विभूति जी- भाभीजी Its not अम्मा जान its "AMAZON"..

अंगूरी भाभी- सही पकड़े हैं....

😂😜😍😘 #hahaha😂

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